Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Padre Pio Chapter 10 questions

Padre Pio: The True Story                                                                         Chapter 10


At this point, Padre Pio wished to die – he even asked permission to die. Why might he have wanted this? How might this fit in with holiness?


What lesson does Padre Pio’s experiences with Annitta Rodote teach about prayer?


Padre Pio finally arrived at St. Giovanini Rotondo. For a while he served as a teacher – apparently not a good one in the conventional sense. How was he effective, though?


Once again, Padre Pio began to gather a group of women as his “daughters.”  What was his appeal to them? Why did he not seem to have many spiritual “sons.”?

Padre Pio continued to be troubled by health issues – but they did keep him out of the army. What lesson about God’s ways can this teach us?


Overall, what lessons does this chapter teach us as Franciscans today?



Pax et bonum