Saturday, January 23, 2010

First post

This is a test. My hope is that this might become a blog for the Glory of the Most High Secular Franciscan Order.


  1. The Franciscan Brothers and Sisters of Penance of the Glory of the Most High is a living presence of the love of God in the world. We carry on the ministry of our esteemed founder, whose greatness in shaping world history is concealed in his "littleness," often being referred to as "the Little Poor Man of Assisi." In the footsteps of St. Francis -- who walked in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus -- we walk and work and serve and play and pray in the greater Rochester, NY region of a world that is intended to reflect the Kingdom of the Most High. May this blog contribute to the revelation of that Kingdom! == MFL,sfo

  2. Well, perhaps this is becoming more than a test!