Monday, November 21, 2011

Fraternity Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the
Glory of the Most High (Yahweh) Secular Franciscan Fraternity

The Glory of the Most High Secular Franciscan Fraternity (canonically established as the Glory of Yahweh Secular Franciscan Fraternity) is a canonically established branch of the 800 year old order founded by Saint Francis of Assisi that exists to help its members live the Gospel life and so be equipped to rebuild the Church as our father St. Francis was called to do by Jesus Himself.

We begin this work of faith with OURSELVES. By experiencing ongoing formation through prayer and study in fraternity, the Holy Spirit guides our salvation and sanctification in keeping with:

the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church,
and Franciscan Spirituality.

In this way, as we grow in Christian holiness, by the grace of God, we are enabled, more and more, to minister to the LORD Himself by:

acts of worship,
lives of reparation,
and obedience to His will.

We are also enabled to minister to EACH OTHER with growing affection and with the Spirit-filled gifts that are being given to each of us for the sake of the Fraternity.

In this way we are also enabled to reach out to the WORLD as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission:

By providing a Franciscan presence so that others who are similarly called may hear that call and have a fraternity to join in order to fulfill it.

By witnessing in each of our lives and words to the fullness of truth in our various vocations and apostolates, and by supporting each other as needed in these ministries.

By joining together from time to time in apostolates that, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are called to as a Fraternity.

Pax et bonum

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